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Creative direction, brand strategy and copywriting.

Welcome to Copywriting, London

Creative direction

Creatives are a gift, but they need freedom to work – with someone else handling the strategy and context. I’m the someone else: the conduit between business plan and magic.

Brand development

From the birth of a brand to rebranding, I’ve seen it all. It can be a bloody process, but beautiful. People are busy running a business, so I dream the dream and make change easy.


Twelve years in the game. A grandmother of copywriting. Anyone can write, but writing well – writing to SELL – is another matter. Strategic copywriting is the difference.

“I commissioned Honor to write weekly blog posts giving expert impartial advice to educate our target SME audience on digital marketing, as part of an SEO content strategy.

“Her delivery is always original, engaging and informative – striking the right balance between our corporate tone of voice and her own distinctive writing style. Honor regularly shows great initiative by identifying relevant stories and upcoming trends to write about, and her articles always prove popular both on the site in terms of page views and comments, and by getting great reach and shares on our social channels.

“Basically, she’s an invaluable member of any content marketing team!”

Eleanor Craig, Head of Digital Content at Yell

What she’s thinking about

This house

This house was a sad thing. She’d sat, weeping, for decades – unloved, undone. I wanted her because she was cheap, but also for her long upstairs corridor and her proximity to both sea and river. She’s not fancy, not in the slightest. She’s a red-brick Victorian semi, just one shabby old lady amongst millions […]

Wild knowledge

There’s a certain kind of knowledge you can find peace in. It’s quiet, it’s not clever, but it’s a grounding force inside you. The folk names of plants. How a valley came to be. Where wild raspberries grow. The phases of the moon. A pinch of salt in chocolate, a pinch of sugar on tomatoes. […]

Oh, these old things?

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