A life time ago, in a far away land…

 I got a bit emotional when asked by my old Fashion Textiles teacher to comment on my time with her:

Life with you was when everything was simple and I got to stick things on paper for a couple of hours a day, and maybe have a quick mope about boys. I miss the smell of screen printing ink, and always having netting or thread or spray paint on my clothes. Where I am now is the OPPOSITE of our textiles room. The ‘designers’ are pale, unfashionable things who can only communicate in HTML.

I would hasten to add that this is NOT what happens when you study textiles at Alton College. It is what happens when you drop out of an English degree. I’d give anything to be crawling over one of those high tables to paw through your portfolio and suck up every strand of inspiration I could, and then make a pitiful attempt to make anything half as good.’

Depressing huh? The truth is, my job is extremely removed from those days as a dreamy young artist whose sole aims for the day were smoking, chatting, flirting and a bit of sewing. I don’t get to do any of those things now. BECAUSE I AM A GROWN UP. Or so I’ve heard. 

I know I COULD. I could be one of those sad acts who goes on weekend embroidery courses, or takes up ‘crafts’ to doze over in the evenings. But I’m a very all-or-nothing person. I want to PASSIONATELY embrace something and be thought a genius. And although I was pretty good with the old chain stitch, I’m not sure that thing was ever going to be textiles. 

Am I right? Tell me!

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