It’s The End Of The World In My Head

Last night with Ols and Luce was so good. Loved seeing them, and MASSIVE SHOCK (not): they’ve finally realised they’re meant to be together, so that was very exciting. I’m rather (very) hungover right now, despite managing to only spend £10. I’d forgotten how cheap student drinking is. £1.25 for my pint of Strongbow as I stood at the bar by myself waiting for half an hour. Everyone was looking at me in pity. A man even sent me a shot of sambuca, but I desperately avoided his eye…

Then I splashed out on a pint of Fruli (strawberry beer), in a fit of kid-in-a-sweet-shop mania. When we moved on to Purple Turtle (one of my fave places in the world…oh the memories…or rather lack of them) I had two caipirinhas – TWO! Was on such a high, but then I had to go because guess what? I had to get up at 5.30 to come right back to Reading! I wanted to go DANCING. Could have stayed at my sister’s, but I’d promised Boyfriend I’d be home. We’ve had a few unfortunate episodes where I don’t quite make it back and he worries and calls Mam at 3am…so I was trying to avoid that at all costs!

So here I am, sitting in a hot office, desperately trying to get hold of an elusive fridge salesman for a design review. It hurts.

Am I right? Tell me!

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