Buying a Backup

Rocketdog Rampup Cowboy Boots

I made an executive decision last night, aided by an astoundingly sensible Boyfriend: I am not going to live with the impending dread of life without my Rocketdog Rampup cowboy boots. It’s been playing on my mind ever since I realised how deeply in love with them I am. I cannot actually explain how much I love my boots. They go with jeans without making me feel like I have the shortest legs on Earth; they are sturdy enough for walking 10 miles; they go ironically with smart dresses;  they look amazing with nothing else at all…Since that moment of realisation I have periodically scoured the internet for an emergency backup pair, but to no avail.

Then last night we found some on the same site that I got my current boots from. Only they were nearly full price when I got them for £50… I quickly set aside such trivialities, and was about to pay for them anyway, when Boyfriend – BLESS him – said ‘Shop around baby, always shop around’. He is so very wise.

So I went back to my searching, and eventually found them on ASOS…for £24! So I bought two pairs. Boyfriend didn’t even blink. I love him. Any man who understands the love a woman can only have for her cowboy boots is a good man. Though he may not understand so easily when in a few months I freak out again and buy another backup pair…

Buying a backup is a bit of a tradition for me. I get so attached to the comfort and the meaning and the memory of certain items of clothing, and panic at the thought of living without them. This is based on the abject misery I have felt at points in my life when said treasures have gone missing, or been damaged, or fallen apart from wear. I always think to myself ‘WHY DIDN’T I BUY TWO?’. So now I buy two.

It started with Adidas snow boots that i bought in Carvela. They were reduced from something like £120 to £9, and they were so chunky and comfy and anti-Ugg that I just had to buy another. One pair for outside, one pair for inside and the future. I still have the future pair in pristine condition, which I think my daughter will one day purloin:

I have since realised what a douche I looked in them.

Adidas Snow Boots

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