Crafty Devil…

I’ve decided it’s time to get back into creativity. I spend every day making other people’s visions come to fruition, and no time on my own. So It’s time to stock up on crafty goodies. On my list are:


Letraset (otherwise known as the art student’s dream) are dry transfer lettering sheets. They are perfect for collage, technical drawings and anything else that you need perfect print on that you wouldn’t risk running through a printer. They’re perfect every time, and I love them more than life.

Letraset Art

Double sided and masking tape

When I was a Foundation student, such tapes were an expensive necessity, and writing your name on your tape just wasn’t enough. You had to keep it with you at all times, and it was generally understood that unattended tape was fair game. This passion for masking tape in particular has lingered. It’s so good for binding edges, and also as a layered surface to draw on to.
Masking Tape


Glitter is underrated as an art material. It doesn’t have to be messy and girly. When used as a contrasting texture, or a flash of light in a dark piece of work, glitter can be hopeful, evil, trashy or pretty. You’ll see what I mean. I’m a huge advocate of glitter usage.
Glitter in Art

Luggage Tags

Great for notes on a surface that you don’t want to screw up, either hanging free or fixed across the page. I went crazy for these babies during an A Level project, mostly because they’re so small you don’t have to write much on them…People love picking up luggage tags and squinting to read what’s on them – it’s the connotation of adventure and where those tags might take you…
Luggage Tag Labels

Masking Fluid

A genius product. Masking fluid used to smell like fish and come in a big bottle that quickly went gloopy and useless. Not any more. You can get bottles with very very thin metal nozzles that control the flow of the masking fluid, which means you can mask off very intricate patterns and drawings. This is great for spray paint layering, and is a favourite medium of my old Textiles Teacher.
Masking Fluid

Acetate Sheets 

Like luggage labels, acetate sheets allow you to annotate a page without ruining it. It can also be used to create layers of imagery over a page, and goes great with masking fluid and spray paint. Another Textiles Teacher fave.
Acetate Sheets

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