Today was the first day since spring that I’ve got up in complete darkness. It’s also the first time in about three months that I’ve worn a coat.

Getting up before the sun rises is so insanely depressing. Your whole body feels soddenly heavy and your brain is fogged with reluctance. It’s enough to make you want to sob. When you know that all you’re doing is chucking your body into a day of delayed trains and freezing torment as you wait for ‘wet leaves’ and ‘snow on the tracks’.

But I’ve got through one winter doing it, and I can sure as hell get through another one. The freezing platforms and the wet socks. The aching back from standing completely rigid trying to keep warm. Train carriages that were cruelly stifling in the summer will now be like steel ice boxes, worse than being outside.

And getting home in darkness. That’s the worst. Urging the train on, hoping to catch the golden coat tails of the mocking sunset.

The dark, the cold, the wet.

Am I right? Tell me!

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