Too Much Too Young

I am 22 years old.

But I feel as if I’ve lived several people’s lifetimes by now. I’m done with most of the things people my age care about. The one thing I want is to get married and have babies.

I know, I know. Everyone around me agrees with you, including me. Shouldn’t I be dancing on a rooftop in Mexico, or running around SoHo trying to ‘make it’? I’d love to do those ‘life’ things, just so long as there’s a ring on my finger and a baby in the twinkle of my eye.

My friend Sam is 19 years old. And engaged. How is THAT fair? Boyfriend is TWENTY NINE YEARS OLD and can’t pull it together, but my youngest friend is engaged?

I don’t like to push him. I know if he had the money we’d have done it by now, but Jesus. I find myself wanting to scream ‘IF YOU GAVE UP SMOKING AND DRINKING AND BUYING DRUMS YOU COULD GET ME A POXY RING!’.

But that doesn’t sound much like someone a man wants to marry, does it?

Am I right? Tell me!

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