Dinner with the Gerbi familia

Last night we went to Mama Gerbi’s for dinner. Yum. We had a raucous family evening with all three boys and hundreds of cats in the house. Much wine and pasta was had and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Mama Gerbi showed me Nana’s photo albums from the 50s – oh so beautiful! Gilt photo corners, ladies in huge straw hats, ships and motor cars, solemn babies and cocktails bars. So glamourous. It’s funny though, the annotations Nana wrote are startlingly like the ones my mam did when we were tiny, thirty years later. It’s odd thinking of Nana as a glamourous young mother in a tennis dress and pearls.

Even more weird is that I now own three of her dresses from the 70s…and they fit perfectly. Literally as if they could have been made for me. I’m a very short lady but these dresses are just perfect in way I have NEVER known before. One is a long floaty halter neck in a groovy striped pattern which I am SO wearing to Fleetwood Bac in December. Another is a long chiffon empire line maxi with dappled emerald and deep blue pattern and fully intact black sequin edging. The last is a hilarious bright pink ice skating type affair with gold piping. I’ll probably NEVER wear it, but the first two are perfect.

I can see myself handing them down to my daughters and telling them about their Great-Nana and my Mama Gerbi. When she gave them to me she said ‘Have fun with them darling. You’re family now, and it’s lovely to know they’ll be passed down to my family’. I nearly cried.

1970s Cocktail Dress

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