Susie Lau’s on Top of the World


I’m an excited little lady. Susie Lau – one of my favourite fashion bloggers for her sweet, unaffected style – is guest editing for Topshop. Now I am not a Topgirl, never have been. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the sad fact that the same – the EXACT SAME – outfit will soon appear on every girl I walk past. Though I’ve often pawed through the glittering racks in lust, it’s just a bit too easy. Fashion shouldn’t be transferred whole from model to mannequin to Mary from Watford. Fashion is a bizarre tapestry that we sew for ourselves, and THAT is what Susie Lau is about.

And her collection of styled up Topshop fare is just so Susie. A whole lot of her every day outfits are pretty avant-garde, and I love that she’s managed to bring a bit of that to a high street store, using a high street collection.

How rad to see your name all huge on one of the biggest names in British retail. Oh, if I could only borrow but a pinch of that reflected glory…

Susie Lau editing for Topshop

Susie Lau's on Top

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