What a week. What a friggin’ WEEK. Ups and downs, but praise at work! Imagine. People in the trade that I ply are usually far too busy to even notice me doing well, let alone take time out to comment on it. But I’ve had a veritable landslide of me-related appreciation. Thanks!

In other news my new fur coat is arriving tomorrow, mmm. Not so my leopard print leather boots which MAY arrive in 5 weeks. You can forget everything I’ve said about Next recently – they are charlatans and swindlers. Lovely A/W collection for women and children but charlatans none the less. It took me an hour to purchase my items and arrange delivery because they have obscure rules regarding billing addresses, business premises deliveries and VERY expensive returns. You’d think that a high street giant could do what many MANY other stores are doing – in store collection, free delivery, free returns – but no, they are stuck in the past AND they’ll cheat you into buying a Next Directory and setting up an account. Yes they will. I know. I worked for them and they STILL managed to fool me.

I’ve been WANTING  a lot this week. First the hundred odd quid on the coat and boots, then complete infatuated love lust for some Gina look-alikes from Schuh. If you want to find your own Gina-esque beauties without the price tag, keep an eye on howlblog.co.uk for my byline…there might just be some shoesie secrets coming your way…

Schuh Block Heel Sparkly Shoes

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