Guilty Feelings

I really don’t write enough on here. I should – it’s the one place where no one is going to Tweet me and say ‘Oh I didn’t really get where you were going with…’ or ‘Can you make sure you really sell…’. Not that my Editor does that a lot but you know what I mean. This isn’t for a client, it doesn’t have to be hip. So I should really really use it to splurge my less marketable thoughts, non?

Anyway, I did something unrelated to fashion the other day: a bar review! It was HOWL‘s 1st birthday, which makes this year seem like it’s flown by. We went to Hotel Street in SoHo, which is a Sailor Jerry’s bar and gallery. They’re currently exhibiting original flash from Sailor Jerry’s tattoo shop – for the first time in Europe! It’s pretty special. We drank and danced and laughed and visited a sex shop. Go read about it on HOWL – it’s not so much a review as a freakin’ EPIC story….

Sailor Jerry's Bar & Gallery - Hotel Street
This Is Not An Instagram Photo

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