Brighton Fashion Graduates 2012 Show

Oh it was so good! Better than I expected, and I had high expectations…I’ve picked four designers that I truly loved, which will be introduced on HOWL next week. Shaun and I had a great time posing about the place while necking cheap fizz and giggling about boys. Not very professional, but we did also talk to a couple of the designers. And then we went and got a burger. Perfect.

Brighton Fashion Graduates Show 2012
Fash Pack Gossips: Is that Sophie Benson of FAKE Magazine I see at the back there?
Shaun Mooney at Brighton Fashion Graduate Show
Shaun with Sophie Fox’s VERY beautiful lookbook
Anna Morris Graduate Fashion Lookbook
Anna Morris’ collection sketchbook
Amy Williams Fashion Graduate Lookbook
Amy Williams’ incredible show lookbook

My write up of the show will be on HOWL very soon, just waiting for lovely press shots which I’m very excited about. S’later!

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