Kate Upton is not Fat

This week the esteemed editor of HOWL Magazine asked me to take a closer look at The Big Fat Kate Upton Debate…quite simply: is she or isn’t she? Well, clearly to normal sane real people she is a luscious goddess with excellent bangers and legs that go on for days, but it’s not normal people who are the problem. Poor, delectable Kate has been the victim of the ‘Thinspiration’ brigade: pro-anorexic blogs and sites idolising super skinny celebrities and vilifying anyone who dares to cover their bones with a modest layer of glossy, healthy, sexy fat!

Anyway, as you can tell I got pretty het up about it and you can read all about it on HOWL right now. I’ve also put some pervy images of Kate on our Girls Pinterest board because…well, because I’m a complete perve.

Kate Upton is not fat

Am I right? Tell me!

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