Weathering the HOWLing Storm

I’m getting the hang of this outfit thing now. Me and Sam have it down to about 20 seconds. That’s about as long as I can take because I hate standing in front of a camera’s judging eye and if someone walks past that’s me OUT.

This week’s photos have been much more successful and even though I was doing this as a stop-gap project for HOWL until our new street style gal started, it’s so quick and easy that I’m going to keep going. I dress pretty mental anyway, so I it’s no extra effort but I’ll have lots of embarrassing pictures to show my children when I’m old and past it and wearing a grey fleece. JOKING, that will never happen. Kill me if I ever get there.

My new HOWL Wears… column is up from 5 o’clock, go and see what I’ve worn this week to brighten up the dark and wet weather.Honor Clement-Hayes

Am I right? Tell me!

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