A Weekend of Acquisition

This weekend Boyfriend was hosting Stag proceedings for his best friend, at whose wedding he is Best Man. Cripes, it was stressful living with a disorganised man who suddenly has to do grown up things. Anyway, I moved out for the whole weekend as I had no intention of being present to embarrass Boyfriend by clucking about beer on the carpet. I decided it was preferable to adopt a ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’ attitude.

So Friday night I went to have dinner with my parents and their friends and I got rather tiddly. My sister gave me a dress which is perfect for the aforementioned wedding in two weeks so SCORE. My wonderful father also gave me a cat bento box and two Japanese fashion magazines which are just so ace and will definitely inform a column at some point.

Japanese fashion magazines

Saturday, my ma and I headed to Ikea. As everyone knows, it’s wonderful but so STRESSFUL. Even more stressful when you find a chair you love with a burning passion on sale for £40 and then find out the offer ended yesterday and it is now £80. I had it anyway, obviously. I also got cushions, throw, footstool and fabric for footstool cushion, frames, joy and a hotdog.

Black rattan Ikea chair

Black chair

Patterns and textures

Coloured frames from Ikea - Cute postcards

I stayed at Sam’s house on Saturday night and played with her ADORABLE kitten whilst making horrid squealing sounds and drinking gross wine. She also gave me a toadstool money box which I love like a beautiful child. After bedding down in a mound of cushions, quilts and a strange boy, we rose at ridiculous AM to go to a carboot sale. It had been nearly a year since we last went together and we were determined that we would get EPIC stuff. And we did.

Toadstool money box and tea cup

I got: two barstools (£5), two beautiful gold tins with the queen on them (£1), an enamel and gold bow brooch (£2), a teal and wood Roberts Rambler radio (£4), a tiiiiiny tea cup (£1), and embroidery silks in the exact colours I’d been looking for (£2.50).

Old bar stool

Vintage tins - queen

Vintage tins with the queen

On the way home we went to a place called The Range which is like a Hobbycraft /ASDA home department mashup…but more pikey. I adored it OBVIOUSLY, and I came away with a green felt and black leather pencil case which I intend to use as a clutch bag.

Oh I bought so much. But it’s all amazing and I can’t wait for my sofa to come so I can start styling my damn house. I returned home on Sunday to find every chair we own arranged in a big circle like an AA meeting, an axe in my kitchen and cut out newspaper faces stuck to my cabinets. I didn’t ask, and I wasn’t told. Perfect.

Am I right? Tell me!

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