A Step in the Write Direction

Exciting news: I’ve been accepted (on the basis of my portfolio alone!) into the Strategy Internet Marketing Writers’ Academy. Strategy are a company that offer SEO, social media and other online marketing stuff, and they run this academy to give young writers like myself a platform to gain experience and practise their skills. It’s a great place to get feedback, and the blog titles look really hilarious and creative. Pretty excited to be part of it, and rendered speechless after being told that they usually vet candidates by setting them a blog post task, but they thought this would be ‘futile’ in my case! All those hours of slaving over hot copy have paid off a little bit…

I think this is exactly what companies today need to be doing as part of their ‘corporate responsibility’ considerations. Poor young grads are so scared of how the hell they’re going to get started in their chosen career – someone needs to be offering this kind of thing in every sector. You can do it in your spare time, you get to practise in a ‘real’ assignment-type situation…and you actually get FEEDBACK which so many of us have learnt is a rare thing when you’re starting out.

I can’t wait to get started on writing about something other than heating engineers and shoes! Although y’all know I’m just ALL about the heating engineers. Shoes are OK too.

The Queen
This is how happy I am

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