Buzzzzzzzzy Girl

I'm Busy!

I’ve been a pretty busy bee recently, squirrelling away at lots of different projects. Yuh, mixed zoomorphic metaphors there but I don’t care.

One thing I’ve been doing pretty much constantly is guest blogging all over the place. I’ve written about everything from social media to Harry Potter and it’s so much fun. Here’s some of my posts:

 The Greenest Buildings in Asia – this one is about the incredible leaps and bounds in the world of eco building.

Designing the Perfect Eco-friendly Bathroom

Building Your Brand with Social Media & Networking

How to Launch the Perfect Social Media 

The Top 5 Weirdest Foods – hilarious to write as there are some incredibly bizarre snacks out there!

It’s been really weird getting used to having my words stuffed into other people’s layouts because I’m so used to styling my columns for HOWL, where I get to pick every last detail. I cringe at every slight addition, not because it’s necessarily wrong, just because I didn’t create it!

So between that, my job, HOWL and a few collaboration type things…I might die of writing. If I don’t, I’ll update you again soon. But not too soon. Because I’m BUSY, OK?!

One response to “Buzzzzzzzzy Girl”

  1. Everyone has the right to be busy 🙂

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