Oh, the SHAME

So…I bought some stuff. I hadn’t spent anything on myself all month and I was feeling good. Staying away from eBay and all blogs in general is very important when I’m trying not to spend money, and as long as I keep away from my netbook in the evenings I’m generally OK…

But then I had to do loads of writing for GKBC so I was powerless to resist the call of online shopping during my mini breaks. Wah! Anyway, swiftly sweeping all guilt under the highly patterned carpet, here’s what I got. EEEEE!

Black platform plimsolls

Platform plimsolls: these are for spiking, which is the art of adding spikes to things you want spikes on. I have 12 gold screw spikes that I liberated from a hideous white pleather collar, and I’m very eager to put them on some shoes. I may spray the soles of these black because the grey looks a little naff, but for £12 you can’t argue!

Double height black creepers

Double creepers: I wear my creepers so often that I felt another pair were needed. I also love chunky shoes in black because I wear black tights 99% of the time and these two things together conspire to give the illusion of slightly longer legs: ain’t no bad thing. Especially if you’re five foot nothing (joking – I’m five foot ONE, that’s a big difference).

Gold spike cuff bracelet          Gold spike ring

Gold spiky jewellery: A gold spiky ring and two gold spiky bracelets. Mmmm, GOLD. And SPIKES. TOGETHER. No explanation needed there.

Sparkly socks: I wear sparkly or lacy socks with creepers a lot, so now I have three new colours in preparation for probably doubling my creepy time with my new pair.

Cable knit leg warmers: Don’t know why. Well maybe I do actually. I used to wear black leg warmers over black baseball boots all the time because I loved the chunky, gothy effect. I reckon these will look PHAT with my gold-spiked black platform plimsolls.

I’ll be styling these up as soon as I get them, so look out (seriously, LOOK OUT OR YOU’LL BE DAMAGED) for some very spiky outfits…

Am I right? Tell me!

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