It’s Been a While

Yuh, I’ve been lazy. Terminally. I haven’t been doing any writing at all. In my defence (against my own conscience), I have been dealing with a very distressing tooth abscess (not my own) which has led to many sleepless nights and I’ve just started my new role at work. It’s an exciting and exhausting time, with much thrilling panic of a refreshingly different kind from that which I got used to as a Web Project Manager. Thank the lord for that, eh?

It’s all secret so I can’t really say anything much at all about what I’m doing, but it’s all so crazy and new that there’s everything to play for and important contributions to make. I’m also back in a team of boys only, which is just how I roll. Does tend to make me intensely obnoxious however, on account of being the only team member who gets flappy about any problems (how do men stay so UNFAZED?!). I feel like a caricature of myself sometimes and really have to rein in the shrill whining…

In other news, I am now a blogger for the Oasap Fashion Hunter Program which I’d completely forgotten I’d even applied for. Free shoes in exchange for writing about free shoes? I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. I will be brutally honest though – I know lots of bloggers have mixed emotions about Oasap so I’ll try not to be blinded by their ludicrously hypnotic and kaleidoscopically shifting collection!

After this week I’ll make an effort with writing. I’m just trying to find my feet and haven’t even begun copywriting for this new project yet, so it’s strictly learning this week. Ta ta for now. x

One response to “It’s Been a While”

  1. Maybe men don’t get fazed as much as women because our reproductive organs are on the outside.
    Therefore we’re too busy being aware of external threats that may put our genitals at risk, so other problems may seem relatively minor.

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