It’s another Oasap post! I ordered a black fur coat as my super organised replacement for my beloved leopard, which is beginning to look a liiiittle bit like an old teddy…

I chose the smallest size because I am a tiny pixie person and can be very easily swamped by a fur coat. Unfortunately the sheer volume of this coat still looks a little bit ‘little girl dressing up in her mummy’s clothes’ but we’ll see: if it gets cold enough next winter there’s no telling what I’ll do with it!

My own size issues aside, this is a gorgeous coat. It’s so real-looking that when I opened it I was actually a bit afraid I’d accidentally bought a real dead animal!

It’s not, but it sure feels like it. It’s heavy and SLEEK not fluffy like most fakes. The huge lapels make it look very expensive and it would definitely keep even the chilliest mortal warm. Go check it out.

I wore it with a dress I’ve had for two years but never squeezed into before – the poverty diet’s working a treat!

Oh! And they sent me a little surprise gift – a teeny mouse ring. So cuuuute.


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