A City Day


On Thursday I took the day off to go ‘up to town’ as we country mice say. My main purpose was to attend the Coffin on Cake press day at their studio to see their clients’ A/W collections.

Now, Coffin on Cake represent JuJu jelly shoes – so how could I turn that down? Having seen their studio before, I was also entirely sure there would be lots of pink things and interesting people to look at.

Coffin on Cake

Coffin on Cake press day A/W 2013

Guess what? I was entirely right. I saw glorious things with gold and leopard print and Dalmatians and studs and glow in the dark and many other delights. I’ll be writing about some of my favourites on HOWL so keep an eye out.

My second mission was to see my old friend Ols, a long-suffering university friend. Oli now works in PR-ish circles too (although he actually finished his degree) so I was interested to see EXACTLY how well he’s doing so that I could obsess over my success in relation to his. Yeah, I’m THAT person.

But really that was a very little part of our HOURS of conversation. We meandered joyfully through etymology and the IPA chart and self analysis and girls with dark eyes and the way of the schwa.

In fact we did so much meandering (and cocktail drinking) that I ended up missing the last train with a dead phone…eek. In the end I was glad though because after crashing into Oli’s flat and passing out, we then continued to converse for another seven hours of the next day. Intellectual stimulation is addictive and I spend a lot of time writing about shoes. Go figure.

In conclusion: successful trip.

Coffin on Cake

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