Just a Day in the Life

Today I began my Enterprise Mentorship Training. Yeah. That.

It’s actually a lot more useful than I thought – mainly serving to highlight exactly where I fail as a human in order to make me better at GUIDING (not teaching!) people.

As chance would have it, this afternoon I had a young man delivered into my hands, in need of a mentor / spelling witch. As I am now both, it is my job to help him. Scary.

Good timing not only because of the training requiring a victim – today I also set the two charity websites I’ve been working on all year LIVE. It feels like a big achievement; it was certainly a massive project!

Go see:

ccberks.org.uk and balc.org.uk

Quite remarkable from someone who spends up to three hours a day thinking about these…

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One response to “Just a Day in the Life”

  1. Highly energetic article, I loved that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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