Experience vs. Education

Stumbled across this comment on an article about Google’s interviewing techniques:

We can no longer afford such an elaborate and expensive education system that was designed to entertain the elite and later utilized to create drones for industry.

Ronald Kelley – President, Green Gap Solutions

There are 980 comments on this post, many from people in senior positions who wholeheartedly believe that grades and degrees are coming to mean less and less. While there are many sectors where formal proof of education is vital (law, medicine, architecture), in other areas like tech and digital it’s surely the experience that sets apart a candidate?

Judge a kid on their grades if there’s nothing else there, but if someone has been working in the right field for several years then clearly the degree or lack thereof is irrelevant no? Of course this is biased because I’m a beaming drop out but it’s interesting to see so many CEOs, Directors and Managers in agreement with me.

Another good one:

“College degrees don’t make you smart. You are either smart or you’re not. A college degree will not give you your brain. All they do is train you in the specific area you enrolled in. So if you study marine biology you will come out of college a marine biologist because that is what you wanted to study. But if you never went to college you are not limited to anything at all and you are free to learn and apply yourself to anything you please.”

Victor Silva – Property Manager, Cen Atlantic

And another:

If college is a training ground where students are developing skills within a closed system where expectations, outcomes, and assignment parameters are well defined, does that really prepare anyone to be adaptable in the professional world? I have to agree that these days I would give the person who sat in their basement building servers as much consideration as the guy who went to school to get a degree, especially if I was looking for server skills.

Nicholas J – IT Management Consultant, IBM

Am I right? Tell me!

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