Fings What I Am Glad For

I started my new job today and it was lovely doing good work in a place where other people are working. Sounds straightforward, but you’ve never made websites with my old team.

Anyway, being like A GROWN UP makes me realise I’m going to have to try quite hard to not become a douche (more of a douche, I can hear my old team chorusing) or completely mental, so let’s see what I’m GRATEFUL for, eh?

1. Phil’s making his signature pasta tonight. It’s the one thing in the world I’d eat every single day. It’s like Amatriciana but with more ingredients.

2. Today work gave me a grown up laptop bag like businessmen have. It’s pretty heavy for a midget like me but it has lots and lots of pockets. Even HIDDEN pockets.

3. I have a new jumper with a ghost on it.

4. Pasta again. It’s REALLY good.

5. I am going to visit my friends in Bristol next month. I will adore it because they are SO nice.

6. I am only 24 and that’s not so bad really. Still lots left.

7. My just oh just BEST work friend will be returning to me after Christmas, braving the world of hibu after making her beautiful baby.

8. My sofa is still so beautiful. I am thankful every day that I bought it.

9. I MIGHT be able to buy a house before I die.

10. My indescribably ace platform wingtips are fixed and I’m going to put them on my FEET.

So, that’s what I’m glad of today. I needed that. X

Am I right? Tell me!

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