Fings What I Am Glad For

1. I have a new gold sequin dress. It’s ridiculous so obviously I will be wearing it to work. Where else?

2. My boss lent me a book about the psychology of design and loads of it applies to copywriting too. And I’ve read some of the studies it references so it makes me feel clever.

3. Sausages for tea.

4. Masterchef.

5. Got some good freelance work. Interesting and profitable: my fave.

6. Sorted a big annoying mess of a project out (with help) and now feel v. zen.

7. I now have a glorious green leather desk notebook with NOTES on it in gold. Oh it’s so lovely. It makes my handwriting neat because I don’t want to spoil it.

8. My best friend’s birthday this weekend – Pocahontas and wine on Friday night, burgers and mayhem on Saturday.

9. New eyebrow pencil, yessss.

10. Hmmmm. Oh, my mam is lovely and I managed to get her two dresses she wanted.

Ciao x

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