Fings What I Am Grateful For

1. Tomorrow is Bristol time with some of my favourite people in the whole world.

2. I will be wearing sparkly turquoise hot pants. Because I won’t be 24 forever.

3. Wraps tonight – yup, the usual food gratitude.

4. Masterchef (no, it’s not on tonight so don’t get excited – I have one to catch up on from last week).

5. I said some reasonably intelligent things today in meetings.

6. I am wearing a black and white American football jersey as a dress and it’s SO fetch. With big gold jewellery, a checked shirt and platform creepers.

7. I just realised I remembered to plug my tablet in so I have Hotel Transylvania to watch on the way home.

8. One of my Digital Champion customers just emailed me saying “What would I do without you?”.

9. Being tasked with creating a Pinterest board for my team…that’s a pretty ace part of my job.

10. The shoes I desperately needed to turn up today DID.

Quite grateful, despite an awful day. God these lists help. 🙂

Honor Clement-Hayes

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