The Saga of the Boots – ALERT, BORING TO MOST HUMANS

So, the ASOS boots sucked. Predictable. So I’ve been scouring the internets for some more likely creatures, and have come across THESE:

Dune boots

I know, I know. Bit bloody GROWN UP, non? I’ll agree that they are. But I’m not getting any younger or hipper so perhaps the time has come for WARDROBE STAPLES. Ugh.

I was worried about the calf fit after the ASOS debacle but these have an elastic insert down the back plus a little strap ‘n’ buckle affair. I went in to Dune today to see if I could find one to try on but obv. they had sold out. So I resigned myself to not having them (am NOT ordering more stupid boots stupid too big stupid paying postage) and went to House of Fraser to try to find something similar-ish.

Oh, quelle surprise! There are the boots, in a 4. Ludicrous twist of fate. So, tried them on and they fit pretty good with the buckle done all the way up. Unfortunately they were the plain black which are only reduced to £95 (um, no) but I found the faith I needed to click the button and order them online.

Plus. Ohhhhhh, PLU-US! Despite the website saying only full price items can be delivered to store, my basket gave me the option. So, a kingly sum of £3.50 was saved and that was the convincer right there.

Yeah, I didn’t want to spend £63 on boots. But I happily paid £38 for those silly things from ASOS which weren’t even real leather. This is the wiser choice.

Until I decide I hate them and they go back.

Le sigh.

Dune knee boots

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