Copy Editing My Own Thoughts

My head is constantly buzzing with copywriting. I find myself rebalancing the  clauses of my THOUGHTS as I walk to work each day. Rephrasing emails I’ve already sent. Editing ads, editing signs…even editing conversations I overhear.

When I first started writing websites I was afflicted with a disease that made me write headings and calls to action for any random business I saw.

That faded eventually – and the dreams stopped – but I hope the rewriting doesn’t. I’m reading a lot at the moment (REAL books, written before the noughties – imagine!) and following blogs that don’t only focus on pictures.

I can feel my mind streeeeetching to reach further and understand more. Learning is so exciting and I love that just reading some varied styles and dialects is doing untold harm to my brain’s threatening laziness.

Thank God for curiosity. And mothers who give books.

Am I right? Tell me!

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