Mediocre fashion illustration

I like to doodle outfits when I’m thinking about what to wear to a particular occasion. I dabbled in fashion drawing during my Art Foundation year but I’m basically crap at it. I’ve posted scribblings before to illustrate a point (like Minnie Mouse Ears Are 100% a Suitable Wedding Hat) but I mean, they are desperately mediocre to offensively poor.

So this is nice:

Fashionary sketchbook

It is a sketchbook of body templates for drawing on top of, by Fashionary. GENIUS USEFUL THINGS FOR LAZIES.

Also, is pretty:

Neon Light Fashionary sketchbook

Even if it were NOT so pretty, this is just such a useful invention because I am always distressed by my proportions when I am doodling clothes. Not like, DISTRESSED, but certainly irritated. What a lovely idea.

Now, if only I hadn’t heard of it from GOMI, via Messica… How embarrassing.

Am I right? Tell me!

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