Marketing Excitement


Last Thursday I went to the 4Ps Marketing EDGEucation conference at the Institute of Practitioners in Marketing. It was dead posh – Belgrave Square, where the embassies are. Big white buildings, beautiful square in the middle – and lots of self-important London types bustling about with their Starbucks and iPhones. Bless them.

As a country mouse I VERY much enjoyed wandering around the yuppie little streets on our sunny lunch break. I went with my lovely friend Glenn, who I used to work with in the old days of Yell. He makes amazing banana muffins and is therefore my favourite person on the planet, give or take a boyfriend (he makes VERY good pasta sauce – you can see where my allegiances lie).

I should probably say something about the conference itself, shouldn’t I? Yeah, should really. Well, after a lovely apricot Danish and a last minute room-switch (we were too focused on the pastries to sit down in the appropriate place), we settled into hearing some stuff from some people.

I love learning. I LOVE feeling clever. And the day ticked both boxes. I left armed with so much ammunition to take back to hibu with me. I’ve already fashioned a presentation about using internal experts to create real, on-the-pulse content. It’s something I feel very strongly about and Peter Abraham of Econsultancy said some ace things that resonated with me. I am determined to champion the people in our organisation who really ARE on it, innovation-wise.

They had really nice sandwiches too. And wine, there was wine. I spilled my very first glass and so gave very sticky handshakes, but I don’t think anyone minded. I found 4Ps’ CEO Paul Smith very engaging and told him as much during our ‘networking’ (chatting) session – I believe my exact words were ‘great delivery’ which is one of my highest compliments as I’m not much of an orator myself.

Lots of wine and 40 pages of notes later, I toddled home a very happy little marketer.

Want to know what I know? You can find the notes here.

Honor Clement-Hayes
Thanks Glenn, thanks a lot. Here, read ‘sarcastic smile on demand’.

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