Some Rare Internet Hate

I adore the internet. It is my home, my palace, my field of gold. It’s where I learn and explore and make money. I couldn’t be without it and, in my head, it loves me too.

However. However.

I have one particular area of niche hatred, and it lurks about the place in full sight – usually wearing neon pink and cat ears on its head. It is the ‘inspiration’ blog. The blog covered in motivational quotes about the universe and How To Be a Better You.

The blog that makes girls punish themselves and each other for not loving themselves enough. The blog that tells impressionable youngsters that the answer to life’s meandering pain is to keep a journal and take lots of double exposure snaps.

The blog that exclaims over a new miracle product that will cure your acne and sadness and loneliness – for just £150! The blogger gets the freebie and a pay-off; the reader gets disappointment and a self-loathing refresh. The feeling that if she’d loved herself more, it would have worked for her like it worked for her idol.

We’re all trying to be someone else, even if it’s just a better version of ourselves. I’m not going to say “Love yourself for who you are” because sometimes who you are is a tough mother to love.

Just stop loving them because they’re sparkly and Mondays are slow. If you have to idolise someone, make it Daphne du Maurier. Someone fearsomely talented but riddled with anxiety – who probably lived with her imagined failings every single day, all the while writing amazing things.

Idolise a person for what they have done, not who you think they are.

Daphne du Maurier
Via These Little Words

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