I Am Happy

Today feels like a good day, a positive day. The sun is out, the office is quiet, there’s promise of lovely dinner this evening – I’m happy.

It really doesn’t take much these days. I’m grateful for stupid things that make absolutely no ripple in anyone else’s life, but keep me from retiring to my duvet cloud forever.

Before you shout ‘OMG SHUT UP WITH THE #BLESSED CRAP’ at your screen, let me counter with the time I cried last week because I couldn’t get my mam’s printer to work. Let me whisper to you about spending all my money on trainers I’ll probably never wear. Let me show you the 12 missed calls from my dentist.

Although the bad things are usually just as little as the good things, I’ll never pretend that life is one splendid chariot ride. But right now it’s pretty OK.

To make myself EVEN HAPPIER (and you grateful you have a real life):

  1. Good weather this coming Sunday so up the hill we go, picnic and wine on our backs and new sparkly wellies on my feet
  2. Very pleased with the article I got published this week – yes, go and read it of course
  3. My new books about grammar and punctuation came (that’s like presents to me)
  4. Boomtown festival in August – a weekend of insane carnival and macabre mahem
  5. Bright blue looks so good with black and white zigzags
  6. Now TV gave me a free month for screwing up, which is pleasant as I hadn’t noticed
  7. Game of Thrones and Masterchef are in my face at the same time. What is even happening.
  8. I showed someone the guide to linguistic tones and resisters that I wrote and they said they wished it was theirs (not even sarcastically if you can imagine)
  9. My mother couldn’t find a dress she liked so we’re going to do TIE DYE together like it’s the 70s or something
  10. If I wanted to, I could write with my hibu pen in my hibu notebook wearing my hibu t-shirt under my hibu umbrella. If I wanted to.

Grammar books!

Blue and zigzags

Sparkly wellies

Am I right? Tell me!

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