Coconut Oil

I’ve changed.
I’ve switched to organic, chemical-free shampoo and I’m using coconut oil for conditioner, moisturiser, lip balm etc. Just this little change has already made such a difference. My hair looks thicker, shinier and generally more healthy. My skin is glowing and so much smoother.
Now, the idea of putting chemicals on my skin fills me with ick. Even on no-makeup-just-moisturiser days, I was slathering parabens (linked to increased risk of breast cancer) all over my precious cells. Something I thought of as good for my skin! Yuck.
All these bloody ‘hair rescue’ and ‘skin nourishing’ potions are such bullshit. Why buy a coconut body butter full of poison when you could use actual coconut oil?! It’s changed my life already and I can’t stop going on about it. Instead of coating my hair in chemicals to make it slippery and give it a fake sheen, my hair is now being moisturised properly by coconut oil, which also prevents water permeating the hair – which is what causes frizz.
More stuff? OK. Here’s what a big old list of what you can use it for:
Cooking oil
Hair conditioner
A quick, high-energy snack
Body lotion
Lube (yuh, soz)
Antibacterial cream
Itchy scalp treatment
Baby oil
Cuticle and hand cream
Yeast infection treatment
Anti-ageing cream
It is also being investigated in the fight against Alzheimer’s as it’s thought to prevent brain atrophy by renewing neuron and nerve function – that’s pretty wow. Yeah, natural is a bit more expensive but it’s just so worth it. Only get one body, right?

Am I right? Tell me!

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