Collison Hayes at The House of St Barnabas

After work today I busted a move to London to meet my partner in life plans, Dan.

I started working with Dan something like four years ago, when I joined the Yellsites Premium team. We were instantly compatible: both know-it-alls, both unwilling to consider that someone else’s opinion might be valid…but somehow we made a good pairing when it came to writing, designing and building websites.

Tonight was the first official (official here means ‘with agenda, without wine’) meeting of what we’ve always known would be Collison Hayes.

In the blue room of the House of St Barnabas, we said actual words about real plans. We ticked off agenda items, I took notes. We made only passing jokes about Ajax and we argued but once, over word counts (him: let’s do 100 words / me: you are joking, 500 is the MINIMUM).

I’ve always been willing to compromise with Dan, possibly because I see him as someone worth compromising with. We know different things but completely respect what the other knows, so will give in with enthusiasm after an initial scuffle for tradition’s sake.

It’s exciting, to whizz up to town for a two-hour duel of minds. We have the feeling of something waiting to arrive, something we’ll make all of our own, with no one’s name but ours.


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