Ewan McGregor did the voiceover for this programme about The Highlands. It was called The Highlands.

It was so beautiful. His voice, the heather, the wild sea. I’ve been reading a book set on the Isle of Lewis, lent to me by my daddy. Cheating on the library again.

One of three, and this first one was good. I don’t know if it’s my naturally bitchy mind or being a writer, but it wasn’t perfect. It had style flaws, and the protagonist was a bit bloody Robert Langdon. Tortured but perfect bastard not averse to shedding a few manly tears, and very fond of building tension in situations where you’re basically a complete dick for building tension – like spinning out telling someone you’re their real dad when the man they THOUGHT was their dad has just jumped into the sea.

But it was an ace story and the description of the island was delicious. I loved the Gaelic carelessly tossed in; that was very well done indeed, with none of the awful stiff explanation most authors feel the need to make their characters provide.

Good book, looking forward to the next two.

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