I Love Copywriters

I love copywriters. I always say I don’t know any because I like to perpetuate the myth that we are a proud and secretive bunch but really I ‘know’ lots – just not in real life. If you can call my life beyond the internet real life. I barely remember what that is.

But anyway, I love copywriters. I am blessed to have been tolerated by several splendid people over the last few years, starting with Helen Greenwood of Shoot from the Nib, who gave me my first shot in freelance copywriting, and Bobble Bardsley who advised me on my very first pitch. In the last week, I’ve been CHUFFED to get an unsolicited compliment from Roger Horberry, co-writer of Read Me, and a long email reply from Chris Miller, who may or may not be my biological father.

The wonderful thing about these people is that they CRAFT a response. They are funny and clever and everything they write is considered for maximum impact. I am ~vanity claxon~ used to being the smartest person in the room. (Unless that room is my office, in which case the smartest person is my boss.) Who was it that said “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”? Perhaps this is why I email strangers and spam agency website forms. I am seeking the clever people who will beat me at words, so I can steal their power.

And they are just the best. They are always, ALWAYS encouraging and seem delighted to hear from an eager young swot. These brilliant humans have shaped – and continue to shape – my professional life.

They will also probably see these links come up in their analytics, so hey guys. Thank you for everything.







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