Draftback: The Most Brilliant Chrome Extension Ever

I love Google. I love Chrome. On Monday morning, my laptop wouldn’t boot up and the only thing keeping me sane was the knowledge that whatever replacement I was given would instantly feel like home because of Chrome. All my bookmarks, my page ruler, my social shares tally app, my passwords…my life.

Then on Tuesday, Andrew Bruce Smith (online marketing man) shared Draftback.

Oh, Draftback.

It’s a Chrome extension, but it sits in Google Docs. I never use Google Docs except for document storage, no editing. That might have to change now though, because Draftback has made the impossible possible: it stores every edit to a document and replays it at the click of a button. Sure, we have tracked changes but those are so ugly and Draftback makes the editing process a STORY. You can watch your ghost typing your words in real time. That’s magical.

It’s a poncey writer thing, obviously. It’s self-indulgent. But it could also be a very useful thing. Not only do you have a record of the stuff you deleted; you have a way to examine HOW you write and edit. It’s just stunning and I love it.

It also gives you some stats: when you made changes and how long you were writing for. How many changes, activity charted. I may be a determined ‘creative’ who panics at the sight of numbers, but I sure do love analysing my own work. This tool is the BOMB.


Am I right? Tell me!

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