The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis

Wowzers! What a book. For the first few pages I thought I was reading about a dystopian future society but it transpired I was actually in Nazi-occupied Poland. Not only Nazi-occupied Poland, but actually in a concentration camp. And not in the sheds; in the Nazi digs.

I’ve never read a WWII story from the point of view of the Nazis. It’s bizarre: some of it is sympathetically written – you get to know the characters through the human, mundane admin as both their mass graves and dreams of empire collapse. That makes the stark realism of the camp conditions and the brutality of life as a concentrated Jew even more terrifying. Decades of suffering for faith is set against Thousand-Year Reich in-jokes and petty family issues.

I would seriously recommend it. I loved Lionel Asbo but this was a much more fluid and emotional read, although still twisty and surprising.

Am I right? Tell me!

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