My Rant on the Professional Copywriters’ Network

I’m an in-house copywriter. I’ve daydreamed about going freelance – writing in bed! – but always just had a brief shudder at the thought of being my own IT support and drank another subsidised vanilla latte instead.

But people don’t like that. Ooooooh, no. You’ve got to be a little guy with a big, big dream or you’re stuck in dullsville. It’s even worse for me because I *shh* work in insurance. So drama, much glamorous.

So I decided I’d write about how in-house is better than freelance for the Professional Copywriters’ Network. A bold move? Bit. Considering most of the copywriters I know are their own bosses, I may piss a few people off. Why don’t you go read it and see how you feel?


Am I right? Tell me!

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