I Got Older and Some Things Happened

So, what’s happened? I turned 26 which is fairly displeasing. I developed a taste for prosecco and drank it in the street, at Waterloo station, outside a restaurant, in my kitchen, at my mother’s and by myself at the bar. I went to a Yell blogger meetup and watched a presentation on a laptop balanced precariously upon an upturned ice bucket. I launched The ingenie Parent’s Guide. I worked on more illustrations with Dan Evans. I got a magic pen from Phil and realised how easy it is to do One Minute Briefs in one minute when you have such a genius piece of technology to hand. I bought a four-man tent for six teacups. I went to an awards ceremony. I wandered around Highgate Cemetery’s greening graves. I booked another driving test. I ate a kimchi rice burrito on Southbank, bent over to avoid the juice. I made Rachel Rabbit White laugh. I read Bill Bryson’s Troublesome Words and disagreed and agreed in enjoyable measures. I picked hundreds of bilberries and put them on meringue and in brownies. I gained considerable weight. I flirted with coffee – one shot lattes.

A time was had.

My life

Am I right? Tell me!

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