It’s Been a Good Week for Creative Output

You guys. It finally happened. The words I’ve been waiting to hear since I was a little girl.

I won a One Minute Briefs. Me. Y’all know I was sad my “Just as they’re cutting the cheese” ad didn’t win the Whoopee Cushions brief but this is all the sweeter because I just went straight in. No musing, no edits. One minute, one ad. Boom.

It’s a bit strong to say I can now die happy but I can now die happy.

In other creative news, I published three Yell posts this week. It was going to be just two (fairly prolific for me but I’ve discovered I can watch Bake Off, eat my dinner AND type) and then I ended up writing an extra in bed last night after the INSTAGRAM NEWS BROKE. Yeah, social media shocker. You best go read it to find out…

There’s also an ingenie post about clinging onto the last days of almost summer. It features White Walkers, holiday sausages and Pimm’s ice lollies so you better go check it out.

That’s all folks, have a desirable weekend.

Am I right? Tell me!

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