Collecting Gold

I’ve been doing some interviews with people who are really great at living the values you need to get on well in your job. Things like sharing knowledge, having a passion for developing and forming good working relationships.

And they’re freakin’ ACE. These people have information pouring out of them. I feel like they just do that every day without even noticing, so once you sit them down and give them a few pokes, they could write a book on it.

I love transcribing interviews because you realise that nearly everyone is a natural writer – just verbally. I find myself with this mass of excellent content and I haven’t had to create a word of it. It makes me feel great that I’m taking record of their thoughts – it’s like photographing a beautiful thing. Capturing it and storing it safely for other people to enjoy. I almost feel like I’m faking it – I didn’t write any of this great stuff. It’s all them.


Am I right? Tell me!

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