Things I’ve Learned From #DrummondPuddleWatch

1. Humans are essentially good and full of joy.

2. We all love slapstick but don’t really want anyone to get hurt.

3. At least 20,000 (it got stuck at 19,932) need more stimulus in their jobs.

4. Community spirit and British irony are brilliant.

5. People in Newcastle can source lilos and surfboards​ surprisingly fast in the middle of winter if given the right provocation.

6. Everything is better before too many people know about it.

7. Domino’s are great at opportunities (sent free pizza to the puddle, just in time to be around for the first radio coverage).

8. The police are the last to know anything but aren’t that concerned about stopping the fun and games.

People in my Twitter feed watching #DrummondPuddleWatch:

India Knight, author
Innocent drinks
All the PRs
Many smart and legitimately employed people

Am I right? Tell me!

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