It’s #CopywritersUnite Night Tomorrow

If I were any more excited, I’d be at home lying down with a flannel on my forehead.

For a start, I’m actually leaving work early so I’ll be there for the whole evening. Another epic thing is that the bar we’re going to is really near Waterloo and kicks out at 11pm; my train leaves 15 minutes later. I can’t lose. (I can’t lose, right?)

More? Ok – how about it’s payday tomorrow? How about that? It’s payday, I’m meeting my boy Dibbs for some drunch (at a mystery location) and then it’s “prosecco all round, darlings.”

The best things about #CopywritersUnite nights:

  1. You meet lovely people each time. I have my core cackle of copybuddies but as an example: last time only some of us met and enjoyed Sam, so I’m looking forward to us all being there to enjoy her. Plus maybe some other meekly brave newbies.
  2. Saying “Oh YOU’RE @randomwriter. How nice to know your actual name and face!” like 20 times. And then still referring to their handle in conversation: “Yeah, Chloe said that recently – you know, @re_scrawl.”
  3. Talking about words. Oh, the luxury of that. I am a lonely writer in an insurance company – no one will talk of hilarious dangling modifiers or heart-breaking cadence with me. Getting down and dirty with people who know enough stuff that you feel a bit out of your depth is amazing.
  4. Drink.
  5. Kady‘s outfit. If there ain’t some kind of punctuation upon her person, I will be disappointed. Luckily, I have mine tattooed on myself so it’s inevitable.

Are you a copywriter? Do come. We’ll be at The Cut (the bar at The Young Vic) tomorrow from 6.30. You can get us on #copywritersunite anytime.



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