Copywriter Essentials

As artists – yep, artists – who need very little beyond a laptop or even a pen and some paper, there aren’t many tools of the copywriting trade in which to indulge.

I think this makes us take the myriad variety of the few very seriously. Stationery and browser extensions are my particular loves.

My can’t live withouts:

Papelote notebook straps

I began trying to get my hands on a Papelote notebook strap a couple of years ago. You’ll very rarely see them in any high street shop and there are a minute number of online stores delivering them to the UK.

Papelote are Czech, which explains the dearth. But recently, I discovered Bureau Direct. These guys are not only a small stationery company (which makes my heart beat faster); they’re the nicest problem-solvers I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

I use my notebook strap for my Pilot G-TEC-C4 and a mechanical pencil that looks like a real pencil. That’s basically all my offline tools. I also strap my phone in there if I’m on my travels and it’s good for loose paper as well. What more can I really say? It’s a band of elastic with loops.


You can get Papelote notebook straps in 13 colours and three sizes. I want them all but accept I should probably only be using one notebook at a time, negating the point of having multiple notebook straps. Sigh.

Go make them sell out again.

Brown Pilot G-TEC-C4

If I don’t have one of these to hand, I don’t write in my journal. It’s that simple. (I’ve done it once because I was drunk but I regret it daily. It’s a BLOT on my diary style.)


The Pilot G-TEC-C4 is real skinny. It’s a 0.4, which is more of an illustration pen than a writing pen. I do use it for drawing too, which is probably why I like the sepia colour, but I just find it so wonderful to write with too.

I just bought a box of 30 off Amazon because I fear being caught without one so much. I felt so riche and indulgent.


I ignore Grammarly’s grammar advice because it’s super American and also I listen to my own internal grammar, not a browser extension’s. Tuh.

Can't live without

However, it’s fantastic for typos (you just hover and click on the right option) and I simply adore getting my weekly feedback. They tell you how many words you’ve written online, how dynamic your vocabulary was and how many mistakes you made. AND they compare you with the rest of the Grammarly community. Ugh, such joy.

It’s free for Chrome but you can also upgrade to get more stuff I don’t even know about. Think they’re having a – very relevant – Valentine’s Day sale right now too.

Happy hawking, hucksters.


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