Derma Update

Well, I managed to avoid the backslide I was worried about. I’m right back on top of it and I feel good about it. I’ve even made a step towards cutting down on my face attacking.

I figured I could replace my harmful habits with something nourishing (it’s pretty standard advice for any kind of compulsion) so I went looking for a natural oil to use as a moisturiser / makeup remover. I’ve been so bad at taking my makeup off this year that, combined with the picking, my skin has never been worse.

So I went to Holland & Barratt to find this ludicrously expensive oil. Couldn’t find it so went to see what they had in their cooking section. I did a bit of swift Googling and found out that sunflower oil has a low comedogenic​ factor (it doesn’t block pores), has a low SPF for everyday use and is high in linoleic​ acid, which is apparently great for acne.

Then my eyes lit on hemp oil. I checked it out and it has a comedogenic​ factor of zero and is also high in linoleic acid. So I bought it.

Experience so far: it’s incredibly moisturising but – unlike coconut oil – the oil sinks into your skin really fast and doesn’t stay greasy. Two drops on a cotton pad does my whole face and is present enough that I’m reminded not to touch my face (which is what helped me stop picking at my scalp). It needs refrigerating but that’s probably a good thing – cool product on a day’s tired skin can’t be bad.

I love learning about these things. An organic, 100% pure oil found in the cooking aisle and costing a fraction of a regular cosmetic moisturiser. Magical.

Am I right? Tell me!

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