Danny Kruger wishes I had four children and a quiet mouth

In my 33 years, I have done amazingly well at not getting pregnant. So well that I’ve sometimes mused that perhaps I am the barren old witch I claim to be.

Because it’s not that I’m better than any other woman at being careful, being a good girl, not getting into trouble. I don’t want to be pregnant and I’m just lucky I’ve avoided it thus far.

However, if I were to become pregnant, I would be repeating the fruitless search I made on Monday night out of curiosity – looking for a local abortion clinic.

I live on the Isle of Wight, and as I followed dead links and tried to open inaccessible documents, I slowly realised that there IS no abortion provision on the island. Women here must travel.

Of course, compared with the women of Northern Ireland and, now, many American states, we’re lucky.

But for how long? I emailed my (Conservative) MP two days ago to ask that he be a voice for reproductive rights in the UK, hoping I was being a bit dramatic because I was upset.

Today, we have Danny Kruger in parliament saying that women’s bodily autonomy should be up for “debate.” It shouldn’t be their absolute right because “another body is involved.” The disgusting little man.

Jacob-Rees Mogg is rubbing his cold, dead hands together in glee as he imagines his fantasy future, where women are permanently pregnant and docile – whilst also somehow making him money from the morning after pills in which he has a financial interest. Maybe that’s fine for women in Indonesia, for whom I’m sure he has little care.

And the rest of them. Nearly 100 MPs who don’t believe that abortion should be a right. Whichever parties they belong to should be making them feel like the aberrations they are.

The right to choice is foundational for equality. Every disadvantage that women suffer because they can make babies must be acknowledged, and the women who choose to have them even knowing this, supported.

While we have kids without enough to eat and no clean clothes and too little love and no dreams, and women doing 90% of parenting and struggling to rejoin the workforce and getting piss-poor support and losing their minds to raise their children, I don’t want to hear a ‘debate’ on whether abortion should be a woman’s absolute right or not.

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