Remixing old pinnies

Honor wears a skirt made from a two crochet pinnies

Welcome to the most earnest thing I’ve ever written. Can’t help it, this is a hyperfixation: antique aprons. Yes, aprons.

They’re gorgeous, they’re available and they’re cheap. If you like patterns and pockets, get yourself some vintage pinnies.

Things to do with vintage aprons and pinnies

  1. Turn a half apron upside down to tie at the waist, then add ribbon straps
  2. Antique crochet or lace half pinnies make gorgeous little capes and you don’t have to cut them
  3. A full housecoat-style wrap apron is an easy dress – just sew the back of the skirt up; same applies to larger half pinnies
  4. If you find two half aprons of the same length, just sew them together for a tie-side miniskirt (crochet example below)
  5. Sew two half aprons the same shape together back to back, turn out and tie the ties together: it’s a bag
  6. Use as fabric for other projects – the finished edges, frills, ties and pockets are great for easy recycling

Man, it’s too thrilling to me?! This is the shit that really gets me going.

Turning two crochet pinnies into a skirt

I’ve mentioned this recently: crochet pinnies are one of the most exciting items I see. They’re not expensive and they’re not even difficult to find. That’s why I love them.

What excites me is that other people see them only as an outdated and basically obsolete bit of kit. No one is putting on a frilly little hostess pinny to greet guests at the door in 2023. MORE’S THE PITY.

But these things were made with such love and care. They come in so many gorgeous colourways. They’re the opposite of utilitarian. Cobwebby delights.

And they can be SO easily made into a wearable piece that’s unique and interesting.

The method

The wonderful thing about remixing is we’re using ready-made finished edges. No skills required. You can even do this without sewing if you’re really averse.

  1. Tie your two pinnies so you have one across your front and one across your back (if you’re not sewing…you’re done?! Wear over a slip, skirt or bikini!)
  2. Pin the edge of the front pinny over the edge of the back pinny to form a seam as wide as you need to fit the skirt to yourself (because these are lovely finished edges, you can just lay one on top of the other rather than back to back)
  3. Leave enough of a gap at the top of your seam to wriggle out of the skirt
  4. Sew up both lines of pins to the gap you’ve left – you can leave this as it is or add a popper

You’re done! This method applies to any half aprons you find in similar shapes. Go nuts.

Making two half pinnies into a bag

So many pinnies are just a square with ties. The wonder is in the fabric and pockets and frills.

So, if we find two pinnies in the same size and shape, all we need to do is sew up three edges and we have a bag. Just incredible. Am beside myself.

The method

  1. Pin the pinnies together along the right, bottom and left sides, front sides-in
  2. Make sure the ties are out of the way, pulled out of the top
  3. Sew along the three pinned edges, to just under where the ties start
  4. Take out the pins and turn out your bag
  5. Tie the straps together – voila!

This method also applies to antique baby bibs, but these are understandably a bit harder to come across.

Are you excited about vintage pinnies yet?!?!?!?!?!?!


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