Dare to Display..?

Loving Poppytalk today, puts me in the mood for CREATING. The trouble is, Boyfriend won’t let me put anything up on our rented and very boring white walls. I LOVE white walls, but as a canvas, not as a god awful void staring at me. I have drawings and interesting objects PILED against our skirting boards just waiting, hoping for the day that they fulfil their decorative destiny. Because Landlord apparently doesn’t mind the loud drumming, chipped paintwork and scuffed floor that Boyfriend brings, but a few pretty pictures on the wall would just TIP HIM OVER THE FRICKIN’ EDGE!

Unusual Framing
The Creeping Stuff – and WHAT?

OH WELL. One day I shall have a house. And all these millions of beautiful things will be displayed. Daddy is supposed to be making me a bookcase, in fact it was my Christmas present last year. This was to be the answer to all my display problems, as well as storage for CDs, DVDs, filing and certainly a few BOOKS. But it hasn’t happened. Which is quite fair really as he is a busy man with little time for DIY. But still. Would be nice. Like THIS:

Display Solutions
Higgledy-piggledy Heaven

Am I right? Tell me!

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