Trash House

Before – Spacious Lad Pad

When I moved into Boyfriend‘s flat, it was a blank and spacious apartment with a plethora of musical equipment and very little else. The music equipment is now banished to the ‘music room’ (one day to be my library) and my abundance of female detritus has begun to creep across the floors. I’ve completely destroyed the bachelor pad cool of the place, but Boyfriend professes not to mind. In fact, he claims to like how homely it feels now. Pah. Don’t believe it.

Bookcase Bereft – The Literary Mountain

Among my treasures is a large and seemingly breeding collection of jars. I LOVE jars. When I was little my grandma kept all her cooking ingredients in huge old jars, and Mam has always had clip-top Kilner jars with blue glass lids. I think what I most love about jars is the idea of them protecting whatever is inside. By placing something in its captivity, the object becomes special, a treasure. I also have jars just because I couldn’t resist them. The growing amount of empty jars on our worktop does worry me slightly, but whenever I see an old and beautiful jar in a charity shop, or a new shape by Weck (purveyors of THE DADDY of jar ranges), I just cannot stop myself.

Weck Canning
Weck Canning Jars

One of my habits is keeping money in these jars. We have a Dinner Money Jar, into which goes £60 a week for all our household costs. We have a Coppers Jar, a Silver Jar, a Pounds Jar and Boyfriend’s Broom Broom Fund Jar. By this system, I managed to save over £600 in four months. The Pounds Jar contains £100 from when I used to get tips at my old pub, and Boyfriend’s Broom Broom Fund Jar holds about £100 so far. And we only started it a month ago. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your money grow. I know a banker would moan at me about losing the interest I’d get from a savings account – but I have one of those as well, and don’t get nearly such a high off it. Just by having the jars around we grow ‘interest’ because of all the random change that gets put into them that would otherwise be wasted on fripperies.

As you see…an obsession…

P.S. If you’re tempted to buy overpriced Mason jars on eBay or the like…DON’T. Get proper British Kilner jars in the same shape from good ol’ Sainsbury’s. They’re so lovely, and you can do THIS with them:

Mason Jars
Mason Jar Light

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